Member Spotlight

Name: Johanna Moore

Hometown: Winchendon, MA

Education: I graduated from Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School, and then went to Fitchburg State University for 1 year, but do not have a degree.

Profession: Recruiter, Professional Placement Services Department, Mega Force Staffing

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, crafting, decorating, cooking, target shooting, shopping, volunteering, hiking, reading, and learning new things.

Why I joined FYP: I initially joined FYP simply as another way to network. However, the opportunities and friendships that I’ve discovered through FYP have far surpassed my expectations. I am grateful for the many opportunities that FYP provides to meet interesting and like-minded individuals, gain knowledge in new areas, and stay informed within our community.

What I Like Most About Fayetteville: I like that Fayetteville maintains a home-like community feel, despite its large size. I enjoy the fact that there are many small businesses where you can typically expect to run into someone you know, yet there is always quite a variety of events to attend and fun activities to try. I am also appreciative of the support that Fayetteville provides to Fort Bragg, and the love that you can find among its residents for the Army and for our country.