Member Spotlight

Name: Caleb Mancuso

Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee

Education: B.S. United States Military Academy West Point, NY

Profession: Owner/Co-Founder Driveway Wash Club LLC. We perform a premium waterless car cleaning at our clients’ homes and offices.

Interests/Hobbies: I love traveling, playing golf and spending time with my wife, the lovely and talented Edith Mancuso.

Why I Joined FYP: I joined FYP to meet young business professionals in the Fayetteville community and to learn about opportunities for growing Driveway Wash Club. FYP has helped me grow personally and professionally by providing a venue to meet other wonderful members and has introduced me to great local Fayetteville businesses and non-profit organizations.

What I Like Most About Fayetteville: As a transitioning service member, Edith and I enjoy how warmly we have been welcomed into the Fayetteville community. We are very appreciative of how supportive the community is towards small and veteran owned businesses.