About Us

fyp_pic1The Fayetteville Young Professionals (FYP) is a membership division of the Greater Fayetteville Chamber, designed to provide opportunities for young professionals to develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen professions or occupations. Events will consist of both networking socials and training events, designed to enhance both personal and professional development.

The mission of FYP is to create a network of young professionals in the greater Fayetteville area that fosters personal and professional development through relationship building, skill enhancement, community enrichment, and career advancement opportunities; to engage them to take ownership in the future successes of our community.

The goals of FYP are to keep young professionals in Fayetteville; to increased interaction with peer group; to enhance career development; to increase career opportunities; and to contribute to the community.

FYP began as a group of 20 young professionals who came together as an advisory board to help lay out the mission and goals for the organization. FYP officially launched in August of 2009 with a launch party held in downtown Fayetteville. Since the launch party, young professionals have mixed and mingled at local horse races and outdoor concerts, have participated in outstanding speaker seminars, and have volunteered their time and energy in giving back to our community through various non-profit capacities. The membership has grown to over 450 young professionals across Fayetteville and Cumberland County with expectations that membership will rise to over 600 members as the program is enhanced to meet the needs of our members.